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Patch T1 released, here are the weight and details – Nert 4.Life

The legendary version of the mass effect Finally PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Available May 14, 2021 at S. Like most games, this one Appendix D1. Now, we have the opportunity to find out its weight and details due to the changelog found on PlayStation servers.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition Patch T1 weighs approximately 11GB on PlayStation Edition. As always, the dimensions are likely to be slightly different for other sites. As for the changes this update introduces, it seems to be taking care of it Improving sports performance and environmental barrier effects.

The legendary version of the mass effect

Of these, they are included Some improvements in the overall stability and lighting system of the game, Which was recreated for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Finally, Patch D1 will take care of eliminating some of the issues that cause crashes and introduce the whole series Fixes for minor bugs.

As always, the T1 patch will be key to getting the best experience out of the Mass Effect legendary version. We would also like to remind you that this game, released by Bioware, has a photo mode. Finally, we remind you that you can find a video comparison showing graphical improvements.

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