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Health and Vegetarian Choice: Download the paper for free through Azovagan’s CDS

The document of the Azovagan Technical Science Group clearly links health and disease prevention with plant-based nutrition: Click the download link!

The first article by Azovagan’s Scientific and Technological Committee is online and available for free: An Important Document Explaining the Relationship Between Health and Nutrition, Signed Dr. Roberto Fawada (Food Biochemist and Hydrologist) and Presenter Dr. Valentina Kolasanti (Molecular Biologist and Nutritionist).

Creating solid scientific foundations explains how the document works

A vegetarian diet helps to build and strengthen our body system, which explains its benefits to the body and the immune system.

Who are the authors of the paper?

Doctor Valentina Colossus He holds a degree in Biological Sciences and a 2nd level Masters in “Clinical Experiments”. He also completed specialized studies on vegetarian nutrition and plant nutrition at various stages of the life cycle. During the period 2011-2017, he collaborated with IMMI Lazaro Spallansani in conducting clinical studies in the field of HIV infections and HIV / HIV co-infections. Wagonok is a recognized professional and a member of the technical and scientific team of the Italian Wagon Association Onlas.

Dr. Roberto Fawada He holds a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Palermo. Specializes in bio-friendly agriculture and food safety and hygiene. Independent researcher in the field of food and food biochemistry. Science coach and popularizer. Founder and co-founder of the Omega Stargate Center in Palermo. Co-founder of the Gossia Center for Orientation, Synchronization and Food Education in Palermo. Author of the educational program “Food Synchronization”. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Wagon Association Onlas.

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Download the document for free:

Support free information too!

Choose VEGANOK certified products for your purchases and invite your acquaintances to do so.
Only with the contribution of all can we create a change for the protection of the planet.