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Participating in the World Cup in Pokல்mon - Francisco Bruce Wins First Medal for German Biathletes - Strange Society

Participating in the World Cup in Pokல்mon – Francisco Bruce Wins First Medal for German Biathletes – Strange Society

Francesca Prove threw up her hands after her unique final pace, after which her teammates greeted her with loud applause. Thanks to an outstanding performance, last runner-up Bruce won the long-standing medal for German biathletes with silver at the World Championships in Pokலmon on Saturday. Bruce showed a final shot straight to the house, catching Ukrainian Olina Bitrushna in 0.4 seconds – then being able to celebrate all the important release with Vanessa Hins, Janina Hettich and Denise Herman.

“It simply came to our notice then. It feels so good. This is very good for everyone, the whole team, “said Bruce.

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“You saw again that the competitive game this week was very tough. At ZDF, Bruce laid the foundation for a sense of accomplishment with two quick and error-free shots, and today we have something to celebrate that day. In previous individual races, Bruce & Co. Lost very little of a medal. They were close, but never enough – until now.

Meanwhile, it was like the next World Cup disappointment. Hines (28), the only current player to feature in the last World Cup victory at Hochfilson in 2017, grew up to a lack of Hettich in their first World Cup season after a strong start. “I’m so glad to have such a cool team around me, the others were so surprised,” said Hettich, who handed over to Herman in sixth place.

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Herman (32) started the race to catch up, lying down with three spare rounds except the penalty loop, but then got up to zero and sent Bruce into the final in fifth place with a 43-second mortgage. “We knew a lot was going to happen in relay racing. I said before, we always fought to the end, we really had to fight to the end, and it paid off,” Strong Hines said.

The girlfriend of Simon Schemp, who resigned shortly before the World Cup, showed why she is the most determined German this winter. After the last shooting, he went quiz on the final lap. After Pitrushna passed her, it was initially like bronze. But the Bavarians retreated. “It was fantastic,” said discipline coach Florian Steyer. (dpa)