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Part-time ADA contracts: Download all useful forms

Part-time ADA contracts: Download all useful forms

School secretaries have been struggling to establish personal contracts with those who have been asked to do their work on a part-time basis or who have requested an hourly change in their part-time. Similarly, for those returning to full-time service starting next year, it is necessary to prepare a contract to change the service provided.

A note relating to employees authorized to change or alter their work performance from part-time to full-time is, by contrast, published by the competent provincial school office and, on the contrary, is one of the attached contract forms to formalize the transition of the employment relationship between the school manager and the employee who can fill it out.

This signed document, along with the request issued by the interested party and the list of subjects approved to change the employment relationship published by the Provincial School Office, should be sent to the Regional Competent Accounting Office, which will carry out the economic changes.

Part-time contracts for teachers, download all useful forms


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