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Paola, the new man / woman of men and women, downloads Gemma for him, Armando ...

Paola, the new man / woman of men and women, downloads Gemma for him, Armando …

‘S new girl Throne of men and women. During the broadcast of Maria de Philippi on February 22, the audience and the heroes presented themselves Paola, 43-year-old woman, unmarried and childless. Since she is a very busy woman who comes from Santa Marinella, from a work perspective, she dreams of meeting a man with whom she can change her life to create something important. “I want a man to be comfortable, who does not live far from me, who is my age or a few years older “, Says the woman who sits in front of the male border and sets her eyes Armando Incarnado With that, he allows the first dance in the exchange.

Ma ur loses head to Ricio Paula and Gemma leaves Calcani

Visit Paola Especially won Poet Maricio, “attacked” by her, decided to close with Gemma Calcani They leave what they met for dinner. Paola, however, explains that he is not interested in wanting someone on one side or a little older. Paola wants a man who can bring that extra thing into his life. Can she find the man she is looking for? Of all the men in Porter, Paola was inspired by Armando Incarnado, however, who did not reveal whether he was interested in getting to know her and attending to her, however, agreed to dance with her. Can Armando and Paola start dating? We will find out in the next chapters.

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