OnePlus has released the third open beta for the 8 and 8 Pro, which comes with various bug fixes in ambient display and Zen mode, making the canvas compatible with the ever-present new ambient display. There is nothing particularly exciting here – mostly bug fixes and updates – but it should create a completely consistent experience. The company has now also released related downloads on its website.

With the above fixes, the security link has been updated to October, which is a bit late compared to Google and Samsung devices. Check out the full changelog below:

  • Organization
    • Improved call UI smoothness
    • Optimal background process management algorithm to improve performance with sand
    • Fixed an issue where text was blocked in some games
    • Improved the issue of input text being blocked in some games
    • Improved system stability and standard common issues
    • Android Security Patch has been updated to 2020.10
  • Ambient view
    • Improved the animation effect with the canvas, smoothing out the opening experience
    • Canvas now supports always running ambient view (Settings-ambient display-always-ambient display- select “all day”
  • Zen mode
    • Fixed a low probability issue that stopped the system settings interface when Zen mode was enabled

Warning: Be aware that there is an error clearing all user data for some of the current beta channels – they have incorrectly received the standard Oxygen OS update instead of the open beta 3. Double-check that you have provided the correct OTA file before installing, if you have received it incorrectly, follow the instructions here.

If you are stable and want to join the beta, you can follow the instructions Here. Open Beta 3 downloads are now also available on the OnePlus website OnePlus8 And this OnePlus 8 Pro.

Open the Beta 3 download now available on the OnePlus website (8, 8 Pro).