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Overwatch is temporarily free to play on the Nintendo Switch and has a new Halloween event

Overwatch is temporarily free to play on the Nintendo Switch and has a new Halloween event

Overwatch is coming Deadly Be serious about their game-event for Halloween 2020 by introducing a group Terribly Cool cosmetics and background challenges. Overwatch Halloween Terror is now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so you can jump into Holiday Exclusive Game Mode and earn new, limited-time rewards instantly.

Junkenstein Revenge – Challenge missions

This year, Junkenstein Revenge will release two Challenge missions a week, a total of six.

  • Week 1: The ghost of vengeance, the maniac stampede
    Deadly ghost chases players
    Jomnix moves fast
  • Week 2: Unstable Jamnix, three
    Jamnix explodes near the players
    Only three players but they face more damage
  • Week 3: Mystery swap, shocking surprise
    Heroes are periodically random
    Some enemies inflict shock-tires on death

Baptist (The Renegade) and Ashe (The Lat‌la) were also included in the Junkenstein Revenge.

In addition to Junkenstein’s Revenge, you can also complete weekly challenges with limited-time sprays, player icons and Quick Play, competitive play or arcade for the standard earnings generally accepted for playing overwatch.

There are five new Epic skins to earn during the event; Karasu-Tengu Zenjidai-Tengu Hanjoverwolf Winston Flying Dutchman Sigmashin-Ryong D.V. You can start hunting for them today until the end of the event on November 4, AEDT.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch, Blizzard is also offering 50% off on the Legendary Edition of the Overwatch Free trial until October 25th and until the 20th at Switch. So, if you haven’t already played Overwatch, it’s scary good friends solo or with friends and you have nothing to lose though. Give it a try and you may find yourself completely alone Spellbound Through team based shooter action!

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