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Dr. Disrespect gets his own skin and map in the rogue company

Dr. Disrespect gets his own skin and map in the rogue company


Twitch streamers and YouTubers found in video games have become more common these days. The latest internet star guy to receive this treatment is “Doctor Disrespect” Behm.

He joined the online multiplayer shooter Rogue Company As Legendary Skin to Dallas character. A similar game to play for free on Switch‌ in early October. Dr. Disrespect is also getting his own map called “The Arena”.

Although the first influencer to join the Rogue Company was not Dr. Disrespect, it was certainly an interesting time. He Banned from Twitch in June – Just a few months after signing a multi-year deal with the platform for millions. Behm said he still did not know why he was banned and that Twitch refused to make a statement.

Prior to that, Behm’s Twitch account was previously suspended Live broadcast in the bathroom at E3 2019. On top of this, he was Allegations of racism And has been recently Called for the spread of coronavirus conspiracies In transmission.

Is there a chance that this online personality will encourage you to play this game? Have you tried Rogue Company on the switch yet? Tell us in the comments.

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