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Kunai has launched the Nintendo Switch

Afternoon games And Arcade crew, With the developer Turtle Blaze, Announced as an action platform game Kunai Available for Nintendo Switch as a special boxed edition.

Kunai Intriguing, fast action adventure. You play as a tablet tablet who joins the fight against the robot uprising. Use your kunai and ninja parkour skills to stop the AI-lost evil lemongrass that has almost wiped out human life. You control a killer robot Toby filled with the spirit of the ancient warrior. Increase nothing, progress and strength by killing enemy robots to unlock abilities, weapons and kick-ass ninja tricks. Explore a world full of mysteries, hidden passages and mysterious characters. Kunai About mobility and agility. Use your ninja mobility to reach places that ordinary robot cannot go.

Kunai A specially designed box in European territory and now available as a special boxed ‘Day One Edition’ featuring the Nintendo Switch version of the game in sleeve and ninja-testic. Kunai The sticker set is set for 34.99EUR / 29.99GBP.

Features of Kunai:

  • Fast-catching action platform.
  • Silky smooth motion mechanics tuned to the pixel.
  • Most juicy exploding robots are carefully designed
  • Kunai-driven grappling fun to extend those deadly ninja dots.
  • A wide variety of places to explore, from a fallen city, to floating airships, artificial deserts and more!
  • Unique art style, each area with its own color palette will take you to the early days of gaming.
  • Deal with an abundance of mechanics and weapons to smash and dice your robotic enemies.
  • Friendly and so friendly robots that meet, including the Earl, the Chief and the evil AILemonkus.
  • Rocking explosive soundtrack with 16-bit reference into your ears.
  • You ninja tablet. Suffice it to say.
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Nintendo Switched Boxed Retail Version Kunai Available now as a special edition box, sleeve and sticker set for a special 34.99EUR / £ 29.99GBP from all major retail stores. Please visit for more information

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