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Alfa Romeo Donale, first teaser video

Official ImagesAlfa Romeo Donale We have not seen any videos. For years, it had to rely on renderings, spy photos and whispered voices to better understand what the compact SUV of the Python expected from the first concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show would look like and then hide. Introduction.

The launch will take place in 2022 and is expected by the first video teaser released today Jean-Philippe learned, The CEO of Biscion, posted on his Twitter profile. Some and very fast frames coming to the end of the video celebrating the first 11 months of the French manager led by Alpha.

Before and after

Only the back can be seen from the Alfa Romeo tonal, which looks muscular and well-shouldered and is characterized by a look that now passes from side to side with the classic line. So, it looks like a resumption of the style of concept seen in Geneva almost 3 years ago, with subtle lights interspersed in the center by the picion symbol.

Dell ‘Alfa Romeo Donale The front also appears, showing equally subtle lights and the classic Alpha Trilopo, which seems to cover a good part of the concept in this case. Of course, fast frames do not allow it to be appreciated in detail, but the pattern of low air intakes also seems to be very similar to the tonal concept (which we underline, they seem).

Make sure there are many Differences with Giulia and Stelvio In fact, they have to adapt to the new design language that the SUV brings to its introduction. A design that exists Alejandro Masonero-Romanos son of penicillin, Quickly went to Dacia, known by Luca de Mio, before moving on to the design of Seat and Kubra’s former design number one and Alfa Romeo.

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Before Alfa Romeo Donale

Alfa Romeo Donale, live photos

Comment by Alfa Romeo Tonale, front

Electrifying the future

That Donale It will also be a plug-in hybrid We already knew this – precisely because of the shows that were considered unsatisfactory by Imparato It has been decided to postpone the presentation – and the video teaser reaffirms the (and) electrified character of the Italian compact SUV.

Another piece is included Dimensions of the Alfa Romeo Donald, Complete a puzzle that many are waiting for, it will be fully revealed next year.