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Outlook: The server error (harmless) triggers the download of the file

Outlook: The server error (harmless) triggers the download of the file

The latest update on Outlook servers automatically downloads the file. That’s a situation Many users We met through the web version of Microsoft Outlook from Safari.

Named TokenFactoryIframeThis file (0 kB) does not exist No extension And cannot be opened. By him – sometimes – Try downloading again at regular intervals of a few seconds. There does not seem to be a problem Than Max !

As for the consequences, no There is no fear. It will not be malware and it will be harmless and annoying. Apparently, its original purpose was to serve as a component for delivering interactive content or videos on the site. According to Windows Latest, This is an update flaw unrelated to Safari or MacOS, which was acknowledged by a Microsoft spokesperson who is working on resolving the issue.

However, the company offers two solutions: one Access Outlook with a non-Safari web browser Until the error is fixed, or Block all downloads from the Outlook website By going to safari settings. To do this, go to the menu Safari > Options > Web sites > Downloads > Outlook And deny downloads.

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