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Outer Riders: Xbox Series X |  S & PS5 Demos Digital Foundry |  Xbox One

Outer Riders: Xbox Series X | S & PS5 Demos Digital Foundry | Xbox One

Less than a month after its release, Outer Riders Provided executable demo. The Action-RPG Unreal Engine developed by People Can Fly runs on 4, which is a cross-gen title, so it is the Xbox Series X | It will be released on the S and PS5, but also on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Digital Foundry experts have analyzed the demo with interesting results, which gives the first taste of the graphic and technical state of the game.

> Download the Adiders Demo

Xbox Series X vs PS5

Overall, the Outer Riders demo provides the same level of detail on both consoles. In contrast, the resolution favors the Xbox Series X, which is typically 2088p on the Microsoft console and 1800p on the PS5. Both engines opt for dynamic 4K with 1440p and 1260p resolutions respectively in the worst case scenario.

As for the framerate, it is PS5, which usually provides a standard framerate at 60 fps. For its part, the Xbox Series X is subject to high fluctuations. However, these can be easily “erased” if you are using a VRR compatible TV or monitor.

Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X.

As for the Xbox Series S, the game runs at 1440p, which drops to 900p with the worst resolution. Digital foundry stimulates low density of vegetation especially with trees missing in the background. For its part, the Xbox One X chooses dynamic 4K with 1944p.

The Xbox One X 30 FPS gets stuck in the Xbox Series S60 due to the difficulty of keeping the FPS with frequent drops, but these two engines do not have a framerate party as the frame suffers from speed limitations.

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Keep in mind that these figures are related to the demo of the game, not the final product. She still has some time in the studio to improve her baby, and should see some improvements before the April 1st release.