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Command for State Exam II Cycle: Tests, Education Credit, Assessment and Departments.  Download the PDF

Command for State Exam II Cycle: Tests, Education Credit, Assessment and Departments. Download the PDF

Education Minister Patrigio Pianchi signed the order on the state elections in the first round. State exams of the second cycle of education. In both cases, the health emergency and its impact on school life and the country that shaped the state exams were taken into account.

The system of examination

The exam session for high schools will start next June 16 at 8.30pm. It includes an oral interview, which starts with a paper discussion. The subject of this text will be assigned to students by the class groups by April 30th. The following will be sent to teachers by the candidate by May 31st. So there will be some time to deeply thank the students for the support of a teacher who comes this path.

The paper may have different shapes and take into account the fields that represent the path taken and the nature of the study. These fields can be combined with experiences related to the contributions of other disciplines, cross-cutting skills and paths to orientation, or individual skills present in the student curriculum.

After the discussion of the paper, the interview will continue with a discussion of a text that has already been studied in the teaching of the Italian language and literature. Students will be asked to examine ideological issues related to the characteristics of the various sections, such as texts, documents or specific experiences prepared by the Commission.

The oral exam will also focus on the experience gained in PCDO (Transverse Skills and Pathways to Orientation). During the interview, the candidate will demonstrate that he or she has acquired the required skills and knowledge in the field of civic education. The duration of the interview is 60 minutes.

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Credit and final evaluation

The ordinance stipulates that education loans will be awarded up to a maximum of 60 points, of which 18 will be awarded to third graders, 20 to fourth graders and 22 to fifth graders. Download Credit Change Schedule

In the oral examination, up to 40 points will be awarded and, as usual, the final assessment will be revealed in the hundred and courses can be obtained.

Classification of disciplines

The fields that characterize the individual study fields and therefore the fields that are the subject of the documents were published today with commands and relevant tables. Download them now.

High school things



Download Order of State Examinations II Cycle