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Outer Riders: Empty inventory issue takes precedence and first fix is ​​used  Xbox One

Outer Riders: Empty inventory issue takes precedence and first fix is ​​used Xbox One

People Can Fly used it over the weekend to release a new update Outer Riders But unfortunately, it also causes players’ inventory to fall. The developers are actively working on this issue and are providing more details about this bug.

Update 04/11/2021

The developers claim to have used additional preventative measures to protect the servers from inventory solutions. Are aimed at reducing the incidence of this problem.

If you encounter a problem, the developers recommend the following solution: As soon as you notice that your equipment is gone, exit the game immediately and restart it.

Restoration of inventory in the coming weeks

The latest Outreach update fixes some bugs, but added an annoyance as the inventory can sometimes be emptied.

Setting a freight settlement is our priority and will remain the same until it is fixed.

Not losing everything ensures that developers can recover some inventory. Here are the developers’ intentions for retrieving Adroid inventory items:

  • Catering should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event
  • The exact date needs to be confirmed, but we hope it will happen in the coming weeks.
  • We will post you when we confirm the date and time
  • We can only recover the most valuable lost item positions, for example epic and legendary.
  • We are not likely to recover a consignment of blue gear.
  • Redemption will complement your existing inventory. Ellel should not change your current inventory.
  • Statistics of lost items on recovered items may not be accurate

Recovery of recovered items is not possible, but the game’s connection is blocked before an autosave is completed, as these items will never be added to your inventory. The yellow automatic save icon is visible as such when stored for a long time.

Although we will do our best to fix things, unfortunately the above details or its timing cannot be guaranteed as we may face technical issues that will delay our work.