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Sony is said to be making several remakes for the PS5 and raises concerns

Sony is said to be making several remakes for the PS5 and raises concerns

Yes, we are talking about remakes, not remasters: Sony will focus specifically on the new version of The Lost of Ace for the PS5.

Very serious Bloomberg Sony has released an interesting article on its future plans for the PS5. In a way, this is not really promising. The article really points to a particular concern in the world of video games about updating ideas and the arrival of new owners, The builder is now connected to the nature of the projects he wants to see. When you look at them meticulously, there is something to be a little wary of.

Joel and Ellie go for a ride

At the heart of the chaos of small video game studios: Remake plan for the first game (no, no, no remaster, no remake) Last for us, Released in 2013 and actively supported by Sony, Owner of Naughty Dogs Studio since 2001. According to Bloomberg, Sony has been secretly making this remake since 2018. That giant would have hired a team outside of Naughty Dogs to work on this remake, and others (including Unmarked: Drake’s luck) … but so far the projects have not been adequately funded to progress properly.

Except that it has changed: this team is paired with naughty dogs, The studio would have been instructed to prioritize remakes of all other projects going on in the box. Sudden gesture provokes a lot of controversy because it is not a coincidence: HBO series Last for us Moving forward on his side, And the credible hypothesis that can be put forward is that Sony wants to integrate the releases so that they reinforce and feed each other. – It also explains the rumors surrounding the first remake Unmarked, Which will probably come with the film Unmarked Planned for 2022.

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PhotoSoon a remake with Tom Holland

Obviously, a remake is not a consistent ambition (a notion that the video game has been accustomed to since its inception), and all of which make the video game’s little players less desirable, and the fear of that collaboration becomes more difficult. They really see the beginning of the pollution of the current production system of Hollywood studios., Turned aggressively towards the exploitation of the extreme-torture camp and already established brands.

They already know the consequences of this policy and fear: The more expensive Steam blockbusters, the more space it takes up, which sets aside the most dangerous but innovative and artistic ambition projects, teachers who find themselves struggling more than ever before to get funding from studios and any works on an average budget are missing. Distrust anxiety or a well-established prediction? The future will tell. In the meantime, no official announcement has been made yet around these remakes, so be careful.