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Download Google Street View for free: PC, Mac

Download Google Street View for free: PC, Mac

Street View, a popular service associated with Google Maps and Google Earth, celebrates its 15th anniversary. While waiting to provide more spectacular views of places, cities and roads, it enhances this opportunity with a new functionality on mobile.

Google Street View is not an application. Available on Google Earth and Google Maps since 2007, this one-of-a-kind service allows you to navigate the streets of most cities and villages around the world. Roads. It is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this month and only you can see how much it has grown since its inception. If you want to see what it was like when it started, we recommend this little throwback with this timeline presentation provided by Google.

To create Street View, Google employees travel around the world by car, but in places inaccessible to bikes, livestock or even camels, armed with a camera that captures 360 images (panoramic circular). Views covering the sky and the ground! Images are then assembled so that they can be moved across a street or a path. Conclusion: The user is completely immersed in the place he is visiting. Navigation is facilitated by the presence of virtual arrows indicating various possible routes. The names of the transport routes will also be displayed in the overlay history for easy identification. It is also possible to zoom in on images. Google Street View is available on PCs, web browsers, and the Google Maps app on mobiles.

Google has announced a new functionality for the mobile version of Street View, which was previously reserved for the web version, to mark its 15th anniversary. Now you can go back in time with the history of captured images. In fact, collaborators make more or less frequent visits to cities already listed on the street scene to keep pictures updated. And since Google does not throw anything away, it always keeps pictures taken before updates. Here you can see the first snapshot of the Louvre in Street View since 2012. This new function is currently being released.

Google has also announced the arrival of a new 360 ° camera for its partners to further improve the quality of the shots and discover new areas that were not yet accessible. Small, lightweight and manageable, it allows anyone traveling around the world to take new pictures.

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How to use Street View on desktop?

Traveling around the globe through Google Street View relied on Beckman’s services. With the help of this little character we can find places in the street scene.

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► Go Google Maps With your regular browser. Show the area you want to explore on the map. Do not hesitate to zoom in using the mouse wheel.

► Once the zone is found, click on a form in the icon at the bottom right of the window Orange character. This is Beckman.

போக்குவரத்து Traffic lanes closed by street view will immediately turn blue.

All that is left now is to drag the PegMan icon to the desired location on one of the closed paths.

Immediately, the display switches to street view mode.

ினால் If you want to find snapshots taken earlier (if any) click on a form in the icon at the top left of the window Pendulum. Google then provides a timeline. Each point in the fries represents a snapshot taken earlier.

How to use Street View on a smartphone?

If Snap History comes out, there is nothing to stop you from using Street View on your Android or iOS smartphone in the meantime. Here again we use this function through Google Maps.

Launch Google Maps. Show the area on the screen the area you want to find through Street View. Once the area is configured, tap the a-shaped icon Diamond At the top right of the screen. Here are the different filters that can be used on the map in the form of layers.

In the panel that appears, select Street view Then close the flap.

வெவ் Different streets covered by street view will turn blue.

► Now a small tap on the screen where you want to find Street View. The screen splits in two. Street view above, map below.

You can walk around using the street view Virtual arrows And get a wider view by moving your finger across the screen. Notice that the direction arrow on the map changes angle depending on the view you show in the street view.