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OPTL takes over traffic in 2020

The year 2020 will be marked by a series of stops and reversals by interruptions and a vigorous resumption of economic activity. ”, Summarizes the report compiling a large number of statistics and evidence.

Traffic has been similarly affected between the boom of home delivery and the rise of movements on the one hand and the lack of health restrictions and supplies on the other.


During this unprecedented period, companies have shown resilience and redoubled their efforts to adapt to the situation and meet new customer expectations while ensuring the safety of their employees. Protects OPTL. Road freight has created jobs, and by 2020 the number of salaried employees will have increased by 4%.

Thanks to emergency assistance, the rate of business failures was the lowest in 2020 (-43% compared to 2019). The FNE-training organization has provided more than 7,000 training classes. The number of people trained in transportation and logistics has doubled.

However, difficulties related to recruitment are difficult to resolve because the health crisis has led to an overall decline in the number of trainees (such as the closure of training centers, the limit on the number of trainees in training).

The report must be downloaded in a comprehensive or synthetic version On the OPTL website.

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