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Oops, the non-peak iPhone will appear in the Apple TV + series!

A non-extreme iPhone appeared in an episode of the Dead Lasso series aired on Apple TV +. The phone reveals the popular interface of iOS. However, the current peak since the iPhone X, is not known there. This would be a post production error and not a leak arranged two weeks before the iPhone 13 was launched.

A rumor circulating this weekend on Chinese networks says that Apple will present its IPhone 13 In two weeks. The keynote address will take place on September 14th, At the end of the afternoon in France and at the beginning of the day in Cupertino. Many smartphones are obviously expected. We explicitly refer to our entire file to find out (whether confirmed or not) all the information about this new generation.

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One of the innovations announced by many rumors is about the front interface. More precisely the peak that includes all sensors from the iPhone X to the Face ID system (advanced facial recognition). According to the leagues, It can be reduced. It does not disappear completely, and leaves two “ears” to show in the interface, in particular, notifications. But it would be less important.

The non-peak iPhone will appear in the Dead Lasso series

What if the non-peak iPhone is actually expected in two weeks? We do not believe it. But the appearance of the non-extreme iPhone in the series that aired on Apple TV + earlier this week ignited social networks. Question series Ted Lasso (Won consecutive awards this year).

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A Twitter user posted several screen shots Chapter 6 of Season 2. With the easily identifiable iOS interface, we can actually see the iPhone without the peak. The photo that comes with this article is one of those screen shots. A link to the source is available at the end of the article for those interested.

It is obvious that Apple is not integrating an unofficial (and even less prototype) iPhone into a series without warning. Many hypotheses are possible: this one Fake phone, Or this is a problem After preparation, Or both at the same time. But “really”, it’s fun to watch the iPhone without the climax. Especially since this is an old habit of leakers.

Source: Twitter