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OnePlus will become part of Oppo - and a new update strategy

OnePlus will become part of Oppo – and a new update strategy

It will be integrated with Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus PPK subsidiary Oppo. Not really surprising. They say the OnePlus brand will continue.

OnePlus, which introduced its primary killer with a lot of noise in 2012, has since developed a smaller, stronger community, which will be integrated with Oppo. This was announced by OnePlus CEO Pete Law at the company’s forum.

OnePlus boss Lau has also been working for Oppo since the summer of 2020

Pete Lowe, CEO of One Plus, first started in Oppo and co-founded the brand with Carl Beeve. Announced at the OnePlus forumThe company has reached a “turning point for the future”. OnePlus began expanding its product portfolio last year – and we remember that OnePlus North (Test) And other budget models N10 5G and N100 – Provide additional options.

At the same time, Lau has already taken on new responsibilities as Oppo’s Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chairman of the Product Experience Group. Since then, the two companies – like RealMe – have joined hands with PPK-Electronics, the world’s largest smartphone maker. Its purpose is to “better streamline processes and use more common resources.”

According to Law, merging teams has had a positive impact. Now it has been decided to integrate OnePlus with Deep Oppo. The company “will have more resources to create even better products”. Also, you will be more efficient, for example, when delivering fast and stable software updates for OnePlus devices.

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Law insists that the OnePlus brand will continue and operate independently. This means there will be more OnePlus products and solo events.

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What is the integration of Oppo OnePlus?

That Oppo And the OnePlus basically worked more or less together from the beginning, which was evident in the device designs early on. So it was a little surprising OnePlus 6 (Test) Despite the different equipment features Dem The Oppo R15 was very similar, Or companies will extend the same “exclusive” Sony camera sensors OnePlus 9 Pro (Test) And Oppo Find X3 (tested) Can be related.

Find the X3 Pro from the Oppo page. (Photo: t3n)

Despite their proximity to each other, the two companies still had clear USBs, ranging from OnePlus to Super-Fluid Oxygenos software to Oppo and other features for fast charging technologies. Now the future smartphones of the two manufacturers are likely to share even more.

This strategic decision does not have to be bad for the customer. For example, both companies may go one step further in terms of camera performance and may change faster with software updates. After a while like OnePlus Explained his forum, OxygenOS and ColorOS are software based to store resources. Like color OS, Oxygen OS is still retained. Users will not feel anything as everything happens under the hood.

It should be positively emphasized that OnePlus has implemented its renewal strategy For its best models: Starting with the OnePlus 8, the manufacturer promises three major Android versions and four years of security patches. The Nord and Nord CE models will receive regular Android updates for two years and regular security updates for three years. The cheaper Nord variants N10 and N100 and their successors have only one major OS update and three years of security patches.

Article Updated: New Details on Software Strategy.

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