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Sder contra Laschet: Or was it not decided in the parliamentary committee until Tuesday?  - Politics

Sder contra Laschet: Or was it not decided in the parliamentary committee until Tuesday? – Politics

No decision has been made as to whether Armin Laschett (CDU) or Marcus Soder (CSU) will become the union candidate for president early Saturday. While the race between the North Rhine-Westphalian prime minister and his Bavarian opponent remains open, the focus is on the union’s parliamentary committee. If Lacet and Soder do not come to an agreement, a referendum will be held there soon. According to reports, Soder will have the best cards.

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The CDU MP will be among those collecting signatures among members of parliament on the parliamentary committee to clarify the Q question next Tuesday if necessary. Gunther Krichbaum One – If Lacet and Soder have not already reached an agreement. Crispham justifies his support for Soder’s candidacy for president by saying: “Soder has a steadfastness and leadership.” In addition, the CSU boss has proven that he can “express confidence in himself.”

Krichbaum, who wants to defend his direct mandate in the Porsche / NS constituency in the Bundestag election, is the chairman of the European Council in the Bundestag. The CSU has done many European political escape acts in the past – for example, the “number of foreigners” – which has not given him any stomach ache. In the event of a candidacy for President Soder, appointments can be made that will ensure the continuity of European policy, he said.

Daniel Caspari clarified Saturday that this view is not shared everywhere. The leader of the CDU / CSU MPs in the European Parliament spoke in support of Lacet’s candidacy for the presidency in Deutschland. Caspari, a member of the CDU Presidium, said the vote for Soder should not be exaggerated. If the CDU leadership supports its leader Lachett on this issue, there is no reason why he should not be taken away. After all, in light of the decision on the candidate for president, Lacet was elected party leader in January.

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But even in the Union Parliamentary Committee, the idea of ​​forcing a decision with a vote between Lacet and Soder is highly controversial. Union Parliamentary Committee Deputy Andreas Jung (CDU) warned his fellow parliamentarians against wanting to clarify such a referendum. In a vote between Lacet and Soder on the parliamentary committee, one of Junk’s letters, “Five months before the federal election will cause significant damage – to the people and the union as a whole,” was to Stuttgart Jeetung and the CDU regional committee in Stuttgart-Nரிrichden Baden-W்டrttemberg.