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Pacino, #Bellissima will become Download Spiralia: Ninni Nicostro to be new Deputy Mayor

Pacino, #Bellissima will become Download Spiralia: Ninni Nicostro to be new Deputy Mayor

And three. In the next few hours, the decree of the Deputy Mayor and Environment Councilor Alfredo Spiralia will end and the expression of # will become Belizema. He is the third councilor to end his term in office under the leadership of Mayor Carmela Petrolito. The first two are Italy’s brothers, Sebastiano Mandela, who resigned, and Roberto Arangio, who was ousted by the mayor for personal and political reasons, both have not yet been replaced. Third will be Spiralgia: it is not yet certain whether the mayor will choose to withdraw the proxies or he will have only two more councilors (confirmed by # Martina Giuliano Bellezima of Belizema and Lamb Buccio of Cambiamenti) to dissolve the council and give life to the new path. It’s been three months since the election.

Nicastro will replace Spiraclea

The wind of controversy around Spiralglia was already felt, but reaching a total gap of a few hours was not taken into account. Yesterday, in fact, after a confrontation with Mayor Petrolito, three municipal councilors, Aldo Russo, Antonio Nicastro and Maria Conceta Monaco, who were part of the movement led by regional leader Nello Musumasi, decided to distance themselves from Alfredo Spiroclia. And wrote in the letter that officially came to the mayor’s desk today. “Failure of the entire Council of Trustees – Russos, Nicostro and Monaco – due to problems in operation”. Thus, all three councilors must appoint Nicostro with Mayor Petrolito from today, explicitly stating that “any attempt or political indication that Spiralgia will manifest is of a personal nature” with the same representatives in ecology, planning and area development. Environment, EU Policies, Water and Sewerage Network, Digital Program and Deputy Mayor.
I want to clarify – Explained by Aldo Rousseau, Council Chairman and City Commissioner of #dB – The choice in question does not arise from the dissatisfaction of the majority but only from events related to the internal balance of the party.”.
Nicostro, on the other hand, says:Ready and available – Announced by Ninny Nicostro – To work for my city”, Meanwhile declined to comment on the Spiralgia episode.

Brothers of Italy for a month without appraisers

The names of the Meloni party brought to the table by Mayor Petrolito are the names of Lorenzo Sena and Carmelo Orlando. The criteria used by the Fdi to rejoin the administration was the number of non-elected members to the Municipal Council. Or Ilenia Orlando – but the name in her case is her father, a retired former municipal manager and Lorenzo Cena.
But the mayor took a long pause for thought, because, unlike the situation created in #dB, the entire council is valid, with three directors of Fdi not trusting the selection. Or, the two names brought to the mayor’s desk would be expressions of a section of the party. If Carmela Petrol decides to destroy the council, it will still have to wait to reorganize, on the other hand, if she decides to withdraw proxies from Spiralgia, Ninni Nicastro may be appointed deputy mayor today.