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With Android 13, switching media playback between devices is easy

With Android 13, switching media playback between devices is easy

Your Android 13 A system can be introduced Makes it easy to transfer media playback from one compatible device to another: Colleagues Android Police. The details at this early stage are not entirely clear, but the functionality will be the same as expected in the Apple ecosystem, for example between the iPhone and HomePod. Or if you want to look at it from a different angle, A more simple and immediate implementation of the Cast protocol.

That’s the main difference from what we’ve seen so far with the cast The system will suggest playback devices as the user approaches. For example, let’s say I went to the kitchen to make coffee and then I watched a video on the phone and cheated the wait. I went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. The system knows that I am within the range of my cast-compatible TV and asks if I want to continue playing video on the big screen. Currently, if I want to perform such an operation, I have to manually press the transfer button and select the device from the list of compatibles.

Given the small amount of information available so far, this is “Tap to switch“(Naturally temporary name) protocols and hardware capable of accurately communicating the status of the various compatible devices or at least in close proximity. Think about UWB, Or at least NFC. Of course the second, is much more widespread than the first, however it is more precise, functional and convenient – with NFC you almost have to touch the recipient’s device, just like the iPhone and HomePot.

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Even Google has not finished everything right yet, so we will have to wait and see how it develops. Remember that we already are Is relatively close to the release of the first developer creation: Usually the legal month is February – but who knows, maybe Android 12L is available Slightly disrupted Google’s plans.

That is, the evidence must be reported to have been discovered The other two innovations Come. One of these is closely related to tapping-transmission: the interface for manually selecting the output device will be redesigned with a more consistent style. The subject is you.

That’s another novelty QR code scanner on quick settings and lock screen. Currently it is necessary to open the camera app on Android devices and wait until the code is automatically recognized. A little uncomfortable and, after all, not exactly intuitive – if someone does not know it is being done, it is hard to go there without being told. Pure “thank you” Infection, i QR codes are increasingly used in everyday life, only to view the restaurant menu, so it makes sense to keep the scanner on the front, always accessible.

Evidence suggests that the images are mockups that came directly from Google. In other words, No actual code is running yet, And there is no way to know if all of these features will be part of the final operating system. If nothing else, roughly speaking, we have an idea of ​​what to expect.