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One big drawback is with 3.2 billion users, install the update quickly!

Google is asking Chrome users to update their browser immediately. In fact, a significant security flaw has been identified in the software and will allow hackers to infect the system during exploitation. In addition, Microsoft has confirmed that Edge is also affected by this vulnerability.

Often, it adds functionality and updates issues right within an application. If some updates are actually dangerous to your computer, it is a good idea not to hesitate to install them. We can only advise you to do the same for Chrome. In fact, when Google used version 99 of its browser a few days ago, the company announced that it had discovered a very dangerous flaw in it.

If you use Chrome Built-in 99.0.4844.84 you will unfortunately be affected by a vulnerability. To protect against any danger of attack, Google strongly advises to download the patch on the Internet. The defect currently named CVE-2022-1096 exists “In nature”, As the blog legend explains. The latter continues by emphasizing that if you are using an infected version of Chrome you should not delay installing the proposed patch. In fact, less than 3.2 billion users are at high risk with the current version.

Google advises all users to update Chrome

For now, we do not know much about CVE-2022-1096 defect. “Type of confusion in V8”. As a reminder, this is a JavaScript engine that uses Chrome and Edge. In addition, Microsoft has confirmed that its browser is also vulnerable. An update has also been released for users. Brave and Vivaldi can be expected to follow suit, both based on the chromium kernel.

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No wonder Google is reluctant to say more about the vulnerability. Since this is already being exploited by hackers, the idea above all else is to prevent other individuals from taking advantage of the opportunity to attack victims. So you know what you need to do. Urgently go to your settings to update your browser.

Source: Google