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On the moon, the Chinese rover Yudu-2 discovered a "mysterious cottage"

On the moon, the Chinese rover Yudu-2 discovered a “mysterious cottage”

CNSA / Our Space

Image of a Chinese rover Yutu 2 capturing a cube-shaped object found on the horizon across the moon.

Space – This is the shortest distance for a long ride. Chinese rover Yudu-2 Observed on நிலா A cube-shaped object “on the horizon” at the end of November. Nicknamed the “Mysterious Cottage”, Engine Be sure to go in person and check. Located at a distance of 80 meters from its current position, Travel The moon It should take another 2-3 months.

“This thing is interesting! Let’s go see it!”, According to the Chinese site where the mission’s scientists were launched. Our space. The Chinese Language Science Awareness Channel, affiliated with China’s National Space Administration (CNSA), made the discovery on December 3, 2021.

On the 36th lunar day of his mission, he walked through the Van Karman crater. Dark side From the moon, the Yutu-2 rover crashed into a strange object pointing “on the horizon”. In cubic form, it must be said that the “mysterious cottage” stands remarkably isolated in the middle of the lunar landscape.

CNSA / Our Space

This zoomed image takes a closer look at the cube-shaped “mysterious cottage”.

Like a person penetrating a uniform horizon line, “like one Mysterious cottage It came from nowhere, ”explains our space. But, it does not seem to be home Alien Or the site built by the early explorers of the moon.

The material, no matter how regular, will be a (large) stone. This phenomenon could have simply been caused by the excavation of large rocks Impact On the surface of the moon.

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But he said the “cube” would teach us things. In fact, if the most probable hypothesis is correct, the rover could detect a “recent” abyss near it. This should inform a little more about the composition of the moon.

The rover’s trekking over the next few months gives us time to imagine other scenes. Scientific warning He recalled that the Chinese engine works on solar energy. When it is dark on the moon, the rover will stop. One night on our natural satellite is equal to 15 Earth days. Not to mention wasting time going through rocks and ditches.

Chang’e 4 is China’s fourth lunar mission and the second project to send a rover to the moon. On January 3, 2017, the Chang’e 4 spacecraft landed at a distance from the moon. This is the first lunar landing on this side of our satellite.

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