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On Mac, Amazon does what Netflix does not want to offer

Amazon Prime Video launches its MacOS app and establishes itself as one of the first SVOD services to do so.

In the SVOD field, this is a battle between different players. Disney +, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are working together to grab the top spot, even though the Red N is still more than its competitors. However, the offer of the company founded by Jeff Bezos has surpassed its competitor.

For a few days now, Prime Video subscribers using the Cupertino computer can download the MacOS app. Until now, they had to include themselves on the website, so they did not have access to all the functions. Good news for MacBook users who are in bad shape when it comes to SVOD offers. There is no other site to download other than OCS and Apple TV +. If you are on the verge of not crashing on a daily basis, it can be quite overwhelming when traveling.

In fact, downloading episodes is reserved for app owners on the iPad or iPhone, but not on the Mac. This download allows you to enjoy a wide range of offline content; Practice when there is no wifi on the train or plane.

Just like on the iPod

In terms of functionality and interface, we find the same rules as in the mobile and tablet versions. Movies, series and kids tabs are placed at the top of the screen so the interface is a bit easier to use than it is on the internet. The page has an X-ray, which allows you to see the cast members on screen at T and the original music used in each scene.

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Amazon Prime Video is already in the App Store. To download this, nothing can be simpler. Go to the App Store app and search for Amazon Prime video. Then, the tool will tell you to sign in with your credentials and you’re done. Like mobile, you can access different profiles from the same application.

Why Netflix is ​​not on MacOS?

The arrival of Amazon Prime video in the App Store inevitably calls into question the lack of a department head. In 2019, Bloomberg He realized that creating an application for MacBook was just as difficult for Red N as for other sites. These users represent only a small number of subscribers, most of whom use their series on their TV, smartphone or tablet.

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