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Omno: Release Date for Nintendo Switch Edition Released with New Trailer – ntower

The version for the Nintendo Switch was even longer. Common sites were already used in the summer – but now the individual developer allows us Jonas Monkey Finally know Everyone Play on the Nintendo Switch. Will be released on Single Player Adventure December 16 Invites you to a sober adventure on Christmas days.

Omno was set in an ancient world Puzzle, Full of secrets and obstacles of all kinds. Over time, the player reveals any information, thus revealing the story of Omno – all of these Without fighting. Conversely: you can make friends with magic humans, which, according to the developer, range from small insects to massive giants. A Announcement trailer Nintendo Switch Edition presents new records in Omno’s versatile world:

In addition, Omno has won the award three times German Developer Award Recommended. The game has the potential to prove itself in the categories of Best German Game, Best Indie Game and Best Graphics.

If you want to know more about the game, check out ours Preview As part of Gamescom 2019. What do you expect from Umno?

Source: Future Friends Games-Pressemitteilung

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