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Old school runescape - now available on Steam

Old school runescape – now available on Steam

The old-school runescape was introduced in the Steam store today, expanding the nominal MMORPG’s cross-platform by allowing players to link their existing runescape account to Steam, and using the enhanced storage on Steam, PC and Mac desktop clients and mobile. For iOS and Android.

The arrival of the game on Steam comes in the week marking its eighth year as a life game since its launch on February 22, 2013. The game’s anniversary is celebrated with a birthday celebration at the game, which rewards players with a new makeup banana cap. With a vibrant community behind them, the current players of the old school are now gathered in Lambridge and welcome the new players coming through Steam with the big meeting and greeting and community game of the eighth birthday event.

The first This Is Old School Runescape blog was released today at the Steam Center, which is a useful guide for anyone new to the world of Kilnor or players who have not been there for a long time.

Rob Henry, Executive Producer von Old School Runescape, sagt dazu:

“Old School has something for everyone, and over the past year we have seen it reach new heights: there were millions of active players at the same time, more members at all times and members of the membership version who enjoyed free games on desktop and mobile. The old school continues to grow, its Thanks to a vibrant and strong community behind, Adventure is now inviting Steam users, and I know our current players are ready to greet newcomers. “

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The old school runescape PC platform features the game’s most popular characters and items with steam achievements, badges, emoticons and trade cards. In addition, the game offers exclusive content to anyone who joins Steam.

The release of Steam is part of Jacques’ mission to make the Runescape universe accessible to more players around the world. Old-school runescape is free to play on Steam and is regularly offered in membership versions. The latter offers an expanded world with more characters, skills, storylines and quests for players to immerse themselves in.

The news follows the successful launch of Runescape on Steam, which has welcomed more players into the world than ever before. It initially received more than 90% positive reviews and 1.85 million personal views of the Steam live stream.