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Official release of Chernobyl, PC, PS4 and Xbox One – Nerd 4. Life

Chernobyl There is a period Exit Official PC, PS4 And the Xbox One: The game debuted on these platforms in July 2021, while it was the PS5 and Xbox Series X | Comes in S.

Steam is available for early access from the end of 2019, so Chernobyl is getting ready to leave.Initial access To present itself in the final version, the user feedback was refined.

When we tried Chernobyl last October, with a product characterized by a refined and intriguing storyline, as well as a Sports Face.

In particular, our Simon Tagliaferry concluded in his article: “After the Chernobyl version becomes more and more interesting version.”

“Without giving definitive judgments, we can not deny that we loved the game very much, thanks to the clean descriptive page and interesting solutions, as well as a game that carefully mixes shooting, stealing and survival.”

“If the next updates confirm what we’ve tried so far, we’ll definitely see a little masterpiece talking about it, which could finally start a talented studio Farm51. ”

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