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Official: Lay Cloud via Microsoft Flight Simulator Sordira Sur Xbox One!  |  Xbox One

Official: Lay Cloud via Microsoft Flight Simulator Sordira Sur Xbox One! | Xbox One

Release of Microsoft Flight Simulator The computer caused a stir last summer. The game’s successful release has garnered rave reviews again, and although the game is expected to be released on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this summer, the Xbox One version of the game is coming through the cloud., A first!

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The most beautiful game coming to Xbox One

Originally announced for the Xbox One, the icons on older Xbox consoles were quickly removed from the trailers Microsoft Flight Simulator. But the release of the game on the older generation Xbox consoles is not forgotten.

Last year, a Microsoft representative scheduled us this year for details on Xbox One’s plans, and they have officially arrived.

For the millions of gamers who play on the Xbox One today, we can’t wait to tell you more about porting many of these next-generation games like Microsoft Flight Simulator through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which can be compared to what we currently do on mobile, tablet and browser.

The information has been officially confirmed to us: Microsoft Flight Simulator Available on Xbox One, but in a very special way. Just like what Microsoft already does with Xbox games on mobile, Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be accessible via Xbox Cloud on the Xbox One. So the Xbox One version of the game is not commercially available.

Shortly before the E3 festivities, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Boss would reach many more players tomorrow. Via first Exclusive application for televisions, But with a new device not yet released, but it should look like the USB key inserted into any device, such as the Chromecast.

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With this announcement, we understand that Microsoft will bring the games available in the cloud to the Xbox One. Details will be announced soon, but one can only imagine an Xbox Game Pass app on the Xbox One, which can launch all cloud games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator Or Middle, Xbox Series X on console | Two games exclusive to S. The Xbox One then provides the power needed to run high-quality games without the need for a second life.

This technological breakthrough was made possible by the replacement of the Xbox One by Xbox Series X for Microsoft Cloud Gaming. This process has been going on for several weeks now and should end soon.

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator is constantly in the news on PC and Xbox. We invite you here to go further and learn more about the game.