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Ocm Vino Cicilia 2021, The amount of contributions can be found here - Download Notice

Ocm Vino Cicilia 2021, The amount of contributions can be found here – Download Notice

The Ocm Vino call for “Restoration and Transformation of Vineyards” campaign, 2021/2022, was published in Sicily, announced by Tony Skilla, Regional Councilor for Agriculture.
The application for support must be submitted by 15 July 2021 and has a total financial cover of 10 million euros.

Support will be provided in relation to the vineyard area separated by the outer perimeter of the vineyard, which will include a buffer band of width equal to half the distance between the rows.

Support for the restoration and conversion of vineyards will be provided in the following forms: a) compensation to growers for loss of income resulting from implementation of the measure; b) Contribution for restoration and replacement costs. Compensation for loss of income will be 100% of the loss and can be taken in one of the following forms:

  • Recognition that old and new vines should not last more than two years, for a fixed period (transplanting should be carried out by the end of the second year following the new planting. Another surface); The commitment of the producer to uproot the vineyard within a period of 2 years, guaranteed by a bank or insurance policy, is determined by the administration in the name of the agricultural inspector, who qualifies for the area, equal to 100% of the cost of compulsory uprooting by the administration; The cost of compulsory clearing of vineyards is estimated at 5 5,000 per hectare.
  • A “partial” financial compensation equals 2,000 euros for grafting and replanting, 1,000 euros for grafting, 1,500 euros for re-grafting and 1,200 euros for changing the training system.
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Interested producers Support Restoration and replacement of vineyards should be the first step Oh Update your company file and vineyard registry Efficient payment company at Report To Residency of Applicant, Be the person Physics, Or To Registered Office, I know Legal person.

CMO Sicily Wine Funding, “Vineyard Restoration and Transformation” Measurement, Campaign 2021/2022