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Ochiudo unloads Minoli at the Film Commission.  Reporter: "Not even a phone"

Ochiudo unloads Minoli at the Film Commission. Reporter: “Not even a phone”

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There are no rumors and no official news yet, days are waiting for the summit of the Calabria Film Commission, which until then has been handed over as commissioner to Giovanni Minoli, who inspired the excellent project of the late leader of the region Joel Chandelli. Calabria will continue to be a major manufacturing hub that combines cultural value with economic contribution (in terms of employment) and is not secondary to the region’s development aspirations.

The public announcement for the post of chairman of the Film Commission, which was launched by the region in September, has expired, so the new governor, Roberto Ociudo (appointed chairman of the Film Commission, he is responsible for the position of trustee) is likely to continue.

Giovanni Minoli, Rumor has it – did you have any contact with President Ociudo?

“Of course not, there has been no meeting or phone call in recent months. I met him at my house before his election, and he seemed very interested in the Chandeli project we presented at the recent Rome Film Festival.

What do you think of this place?

“When the contract expired, I did not listen. I wrote him a message. I would have done it only for the service mindset, otherwise it would have been okay. When a new president comes, I see that he has the right to change things as he wishes.

The project you have been working on in recent months?

“Chandelli told me: ‘I would be interested if you did what you did for the young Calabrians in Naples (” a place in the sun “) in Calabria” I said yes on two conditions: I would do it for free and that I would keep her as the only orator. In the Sir area, I did research projects in two studios with a swimming pool for sea filming. Over the months we have done a great job presenting at the Rome Film Festival and have been well received. We are moving forward (tenders for building studios are being held).

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Meanwhile, “Un Posto Al Sol” has been a production reality for a quarter of a century …

“Yes, I was recently awarded in Naples (for his contribution to television and serials and for Roy’s production center in Naples, et al.), For being the first company to be produced.