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Xbox Series X |  S Free Games Announced -

Xbox Series X | S Free Games Announced –

I Games with gold From October 2021, Or i Xbox Series X | Free games for S and Xbox One For Live Gold and GamePass Ultimate subscribers, the Xbox was announced by Microsoft via Wire Pages. Next month you can download Aground, NeuroVoider, Radiant Silvergun and Space Invaders Infinity Gene for free.

Below is a complete list of games with Gold in January 2022 and the dates they will be available to service subscribers:

Eventually, the games revealed by the leak over the past few hours were confirmed. Microsoft’s announcement was inevitable Trailer Offers new free games from next month’s Games With Gold, and you can appreciate the above.

Neurovider The brain that shoots evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers is a dual-stick shooter with RPG components set in the cyber-future world. Underground 2D scrolling survival, in which we must begin with the basics of civilization and return to the glories of humanity.

Radioactive Silvergun Is a vertical scrolling top-down shooter in which we will play as a space pilot sent in time to avoid a catastrophe that will destroy the earth. In the end, Space Invaders Infinity Gene The updated control system, with new levels, power-ups and functions, is a remake of the famous shooter.

Xbox Series X with Gold in January 2022 | What do you think about the S and Xbox One games? Let us know in the comments.