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Nvidia's 3D boss snatched it all away

Nvidia’s 3D boss snatched it all away

How can you prove the superiority of your technology better than you really are, without anyone realizing it? Nvidia achieved this feat by digitizing its CEO Jensen Huang.

Nvidia took a real tour during a presentation in April to raise the veil on the Omnivers system. Since the epidemic began, this has been a virtual conference that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has emerged from his kitchen. A potty movie, except for this completely virtual sequence!

It is impossible to distinguish the real from the virtual

The elements of the kitchen were reproduced in 3D, but Jensen Huang, his clothes and his movements. Until the film reveals the truth, I see nothing but fire, which is actually a computer-generated scene, with insane reality. Nvidia provided all the information about this achievement on its site, along with a video documentary describing the design of the series.

The effect is not randomly selected. Nvidia provided its omniverse tools for creating virtual three-dimensional worlds. The company’s engineers recreated Jensen Huang’s face and body to create a model, and then copied his gestures and expressions.

The CGI clone stunned the audience before revealing its true nature. Looking at the video, it is impossible to tell what is true and what is false. This line lasted only 14 seconds, but it was no less impressive. When will we see a complete picture with the same technology?

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