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MediaMonkey: Sync iPod without iTunes

MediaMonkey: Sync iPod without iTunes

Essential Disadvantage of the Apple iTunes Program: Media Player is a modern design and enables music and video files. He tore up audio CDs and backed up their songs. However, it is not mastered in a significant number of forms; VLC is better positioned for compatibility. ITunes is known for its high resource consumption. Above all: Owners of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod need the app to transfer music and video files to the device without the cloud. No sync without iTunes. But this is only half true.

No sync without iTunes?

Free programs allow you to exchange files between PC and iPod Touch. It has been said over and over again that they do not need iTunes – but only half of it is true: iTunes is required because once it is installed, an Apple driver, sync program is installed on the computer. MediaMonkey Assumes. The need to get an iTunes driver should be kept in perspective: This driver has a separate download option. If you use it, do without iTunes and use the Mediamanky stand-alone loan described below. Advantages of not using iTunes: You get rid of Apple’s dull player and need to use some software.

Download MediaMonkey

Product: Sync iPod without iTunes

Converts MediaMonkey files from computer to external Apple devices’ flash memory.

With MediaMonkey you can manage and play music files stored on your computer. The motivation to install Mediamanky is often that it is a good iTunes alternative. The Installer Wizard offers to perform a small installation as an alternative to the regular setup. To research this article, we have installed MediaMonkey, iOS 14 running on our current iPod Touch 7G. We checked the following with the iPhone 11 with iOS 14; The synchronization process is minimal with the “3u tools” program described in the last paragraph of the article. If you have problems, it is worth trying the many programs mentioned in this post. If in doubt, test the sync with your iDevice; If the iOS version number is not too high or compatible, copying the desired data may work in the latest version of the sync software. Before you start data transfer, prepare your computer for:

First, get the Apple driver: If you have iTunes installed, this step is not required. If iTunes is not available and you do not want to install it, you will need to add a driver (“Apple Mobile Device Support”). Installing from iDevice Manager brings this up: This program lets you copy iOS device files to PC. The program had a ribbon interface, but it deviated from this modern design language. The functionality of the IDevice Manager is lower than it was before; In testing, iOS music files can no longer be downloaded to the computer, so we cannot recommend the app at this time. However, you can install iDevice Manager to get the required Apple mobile device support. Then uninstall iDevice Manager (Press Win-R, appwiz.cpl நுழைய; Double-click on the IDevice post; Apple Mobile Device Support is listed as a separate entry and must be retained).
IPad Sync Without iTunes: How To Use Free MediaMonkey Without iTunes Using Apple Devices In Sync Software?  It doesn’t matter if the driver you need gets in a roundabout way.

Fuel Apple device with songs with sync software without iTunes? This is not possible if you first get the driver you need in a roundabout way.

Alternatively, you can download the driver from another source: Copytrans CopyTrans driver installer On. Transfer, Unzip and Start. Check the box to accept the denial and select Automatic installation. The manual is very complex: here you need to specify the iTunes-Installer.exe file; The iTunes version should not be too new. At the end of the automatic installation, a success message will appear stating that the iOS drivers have been installed. This means Apple Mobile Device Support and “Apple Application Support (32-bit)” and “Apple Application Support (64-bit)”. Before installing, call Win-R and with appwiz.cpl Press after uninstalling Windows dialog and setup [F5], The inputs for the three applications mentioned should appear in the overview of your programs.

Install and download the CopyTrans driver

Incidentally, iTunes is a way to access the Apple driver if you are using Windows 10. ITunes can no longer be installed with Windows 8.1; It requires a successor operating system. ITunes is a Windows 10 processor and desktop program; Apple has changed the computer needs of the latter – almost unnoticed. We succeeded in installing iDevice Manager and CopyTrans Driver on our test notebook with Windows 8.1. Tested under Windows 10 21 H1 (May 2021 update), the driver acquisition method worked through the iTunes system and the iTevice Manager and copy driver installer.

How to use MediaMonkey

If you follow the steps above, MediaMonkey displays the USB-connected iPod Touch on the left-hand interface. If the driver is missing, the iPod entry will not be visible in MediaMonkey. If there is entry, everything else is easy: Drag one or more MP3 files from Windows Explorer into the iPod input in the software. This automatically starts the dubbing process. You can find the song titles included in the iOS “Music” app on the iPod. The best thing to do is to copy a few test files first. If this is successful (check the files on the iOS device), make the transfer with a large amount of data.

Sync iPad Without iTunes: How It Works With Free Mediamanky All you have to do is drag and drop to start the file transfer.

All you have to do is drag and drop to start the file transfer – an intuitive solution.

Change MediaMonkey to sync: 3uTools

You will get a good alternative to MediaMonkey 3uTools. When setting up, do you want to install iTunes as an add-on or install Apple Driver (“Apple Mobile Device Support”). Exchange data between your computer and iDevice: We dragged MP3 files from the Windows Explorer folder and copied them to the 3uTools window on the iPod. Songs can be downloaded from iOS device to PC: Drag and drop possible. ITunes, on the other hand, does not allow downloading files from iOS devices.

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