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Create a Pokemon board game and anyone can download it to play with their friends


What if we could enjoy adventures Pokemon Not depending on a screen, but in real life? So for you, this fan has created one Board game So you can do something like a video game, but have a good time on the weekends with your friends because it is a template that can be downloaded and printed from the comfort of your home. Learn all about Starter Pokemon in a unique minimalist fan art

Designing a board game is not easy, Has its trick, so it’s fun when you play with friends and you want to play again at the next meeting. In this case this fan has created one Pokemon board game There are a lot of similarities to what this original game will look like, so fans who know the dynamics of the video game already agree a bit with the rules, and some will definitely hang on to it.

Now you can enjoy catching your favorite Pokமொmon with this board game

I made a paper Pokemon game and it really makes sense! From Pokemon

You can catch some in the game 40 Pokemon Exist and they are formed. There are many gyms along the way and you can be their leader, collecting badges while visiting others. Some processes you can imagine what the rules are when you look at the game board.

But even so, this follower has created an entire section on his website explaining how to play with the board, and if there are any doubts at the beginning it is as if you are going to print a video on YouTube chat that clarifies it as well as a live sample of what the board looks like. Another level of enthusiastic followers Pokemon It is now possible to enjoy the best adventure to capture Pokemon.

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