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Nvidia wants to avoid Android 10

Nvidia Shield TV still runs Android 9. Many users can see the latest version of Google TV (formerly Android TV) migrating to the manufacturer’s forums. Precisely, Nvidia has provided a clear and concise answer.

Credit: Nvidia

As you know, Nvidia’s Shield TV received a new update a few weeks ago, Its main innovation is to modernize the box interface in style Google TV (Formerly Android TV). There are large charts at the top of the interface to highlight some of the primary projects, while the number of different icons for further reading has been significantly reduced.

But it doesn’t matter. This update is still based on the version of Android TV Android 9. After many years of loyal service, many users have begun to ask the Nvidia team if they have any plans to relocate to the official forum. The latest version of Google OS, And in particular Android 10 May be.

Shield TV: Android 10 is not enough

However, in the July 2021 forum Nvidia provided a sensible answer to this question. For Nvidia, migrating to Android 10 makes no sense. Why do you ask me? From the company’s point of view, The innovations between Android 9 and Android 10 are significant and not significant enough To justify displacement.

The development of Shield TV is still going on and we released a new one a long time ago. Android 10 is not an option for Android TV, so we decided to ignore it as this attempt was significant and did not cause any major harm to end users other than the version change. Other than that, we will not talk about our roadmap in advance, but I can tell you that the shield still has a lot of development. ” Wrote Nvidia on its forum.

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If we read the fun between the lines, we can think of it as legitimateAndroid 12 Refers to the most interesting and relevant update for Nvidia. It would not be surprising if the manufacturer announces the soon-to-be migration from Google to the latest version of the OS. As a reminder, The unofficial port of LineageOS allows you to enjoy Android 10 on your Nvidia Shield TV.

Source: Nvidia