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Nvidia GeForce RTX40, the best model will have incredible performance

Nvidia GeForce RTX40, the best model will have incredible performance

New GPU configuration Ada Lovelace Nvidia was again at the center of some leaks: According to the report, the latest rumor about the AD102 GPU WCCFTech, It will be The clock speed reaches 2.2 GHz and above.

There have already been many rumors about Nvidia Ada Loveless GPUs, especially the AD102 model. The AD102 GPU will run the primary model of graphics cards for gamers and workstation users, which will be the successor to the existing GA102 GPU, so we can definitely expect some killer specifications.

basically Previous rumors, Is said to be used by Nvidia TSMC Process Node N5 (5 nm) For its Ada Loveless GPUs, including the AD102 GPU. Twitter user @ Greymon55 has released some GPU specifications, with AD102 clocking speeds up to 2.2GHz. 2,2 GHz or overhead.

AD102 seems to be on the GPU 18432 CUDA Core Based on the initial specifications provided (this may change) To pools. This is almost twice the amperage, which was already a big step away from Turing. 2.2 GHz clock speed will give us 81 TFLOP FP32 performance. about that Twice as much performance as the RTX 3090 It has an FP32 system power of 36 TFLOPs.

The 125% performance jump seems huge, but keep in mind that Nvidia has already made a big leap in FP32 numbers with Ampere. The Ampere GA102 (RTX 3090) GPU delivers 36 TFLOPs, while the Turing TU102 (RTX 2080 Ti) GPU offers 13 TFLOPs. This is more than 150% increase in numbers, but the actual gaming performance increase for the RTX 3090 is on average 50-60% faster than the RTX 2080 Ti. So always keep in mind that the TFLOPs in the specs sheet are not equal to the GPU’s gaming performance.

Other than that, Leaker says it will maintain the Nvidia GeForce RTX40 Series flagship.384-bit interface, Like the RTX 3090. Interestingly, Leaker mentions memory G6XThat is, Nvidia will not move to a new memory standard until Ada Lovelace (e.g. GDDR7).

Nvidia Ada Loveless GPUs will run next-generation GeForce RTX40 graphics cards that will compete directly with AMD’s RDNA 3-based Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards.

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