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NT Awards 2020

NT Awards 2020 – Game with the most captured story – Tower

Welcome to the NT Awards 2020! We now ask you to take your seats – the two-week show will begin in a few moments. After a brilliant, orchestral opening show, we finally get to the first type of evening.

We present: Voting Stage for Category “Great story“.

In many ways, a video game player should have as much fun as possible, but there are plenty of players who always want a fantastic story for the rest of the elements. This year, high quality players are definitely owned Xenoplate Chronicles: Limited Edition And Hirol Warriors: Wasteful time From Nintendo to the biggest favorites – or will the NT Awards 2020 start with a lagging victory? Before we get to the first voting stage, let’s introduce the “best story” genre in more detail:


Best Story:

Like a book, TV series or movie, a well-told story can make all the difference in video games. “Story” is a somewhat ambiguous term because it not only refers to the description of the main plot, but the way the characters are written and the stories intertwined with the game world. Games of this genre fascinate us on a story or historical level.

You are right now 24 hours Time to choose the game with the best story and vote. The results of this category and the results of the forthcoming ballots are calculated after the final category, certified by our virtual notary and then published. Nominated Games for the ND Awards 2020 in the “Best Story” Category:

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