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Now you can link a PlayStation account and show your friends what to play -

Now you can link a PlayStation account and show your friends what to play –

Difference of opinion Now it has been announced that it is possible Connect To its own software Account PlayStation Show friends playing. Preliminary release of the new feature is currently underway, which will be available in all regions in a few hours.

According to the official record of the announcement,Starting today, we are gradually introducing the ability to link your PSN account with Discord to display your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gaming functionality on your user profile.

Explained that this connection works as seen on other services and platforms: if connected to accounts, it will be displayed in the game Discard’s functions that can be played on PS4 or PS5. Can showID PlayStation Network Your contacts can add it to your profile.

This is a very convenient way to find out what your friends are playing, especially when they are playing Cross play With other sites.

To check the connection, open Discard and go to User Settings> Links menu. If you still can not find it, you have to wait until it opens.

The announcement of the collaboration between Sony and Descartes was made a few months ago and now, finally, it has been fulfilled. PlayStation users will be delighted.

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