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Now the municipality "unloads" Azure

Now the municipality “unloads” Azure

Besaro – False positives in school and families Isolation Unnecessarily, the municipality “unloads” Azure Screening At school. “We did not expect these delays in molecular results from the healthcare company. Now we pay for them with a private laboratory and we will respond within 24 hours,” said Mayor Matteo Ricci.

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At the end of five days in schools, three days in middle schools and two days in high schools, 10 positive students out of 3360 children tested (1580 middle school students and 1780 high school students), with a percentage of 0.3%. The third cycle of screening in schools, while still unfinished, consisted of classes in the isolation of middle school students, along with their families, for 4-5 days between the end of last week and the beginning, with unconventional protests. The current one.

Rapid tests revealed 26 positive students, at least 22 of whom were not confirmed by molecule. A good portion of high school students on the first day of screening had a final negative result after a positive antigen, but in this case the waiting time was already reduced to 24 hours. Yesterday, the mayor and health councilor, Mila della Dora, responded to criticism of the safe schools move, instead executives backed, “Thanks to the screening, we can say that those in Besaro are the safest schools in Italy. If we had not identified these 10 positives, they would have turned into 100, yet More.

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There was no retreat, but the false positive case prompted the mayor, as he pointed out, to point the finger at the machine not working: “We did not expect Assyria to be involved in the vaccination campaign and other activities, but this time it took for the effect of the molecule. When we saw that 4-5 days had passed in middle school, we We have changed course, and after all, we’re paying for everything now, we’re paying for tampons, doctors, nurses.

With the new method, when a positive emerges from the rapid fabric, the precautionary procedure is triggered up to the effect of the molecule on him and his family, but not on the isolation of the whole class and the respective family members, instead of triggering on the case stabilization of the molecular buffer. The fast cloth used in schools is protected by the municipality, saying, “We are very pleased that they belong to the latest generation and are therefore sensitive to other types of SARS”, and the request for students to participate in this activity has been re-launched. So, not only will the cycle end on April 20th and 21st, but if the region and the government do not listen to us, we expect a fourth round in May. It is no coincidence that Minister Pianchi wanted to see the “Safe Schools” protocol built in recent months with the associations that helped us.

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