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Now ASL "Ruggi" - unloads maximum waste hospital in Chronicle

Now ASL “Ruggi” – unloads maximum waste hospital in Chronicle

Amalfi. Salerno’s ASL unloads the haunted hospital “San Michael” in Pokorola, a hamlet in Amalfi. The Local Health Authority clarifies with a specific resolution that all movable and immovable property attached to the “Costa d’Amolfi” garrison in Castiglione de Ravello is attached to the University Hospital of Rookie D’Aragona. , The former “San Michael” Hospital in Bojerola should also be included. According to the resolution of the General Manager of ASL, the structure “has both regional and operational continuity with Causticillion. Mario Irvolino – The latter had to replace Bozerola in providing relative health care for Amalfi Beach.
Therefore, Healthcare has decided to place all responsibility on “Rookie” and eliminate what currently appears to be a problem rather than a resource. However, “San Michael” must have represented a special pole for Divina residents and tourists alike. A health facility capable of responding to the needs of the region has become one of the saddest of the unfinished. The four-story hospital, which cost about 24 million euros, was completed in 1989 and remained open despite tenders for five primary and 300 nurses. Not even a day goes by because no hospital with less than 100 beds can operate at that time. Yet today Pogerola di Amalfi Hospital has ten rooms, each with four attacks for antioxidants and the possibility of 40 intensive care units. If you think about how important they are at this particular and difficult historical moment, significant numbers.
The first stone was laid in the second half of the seventies, but the works were stopped immediately, waiting for money and approval. Between blocks and restarts, construction was completed in the late 1980s. The unfinished one was built at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, between the winding Harbin arches. Although patients could have enjoyed the spectacular views, access would have been complicated in another. This is one of the reasons why the hospital is not functioning. Paradox: A mega-structure worth more than 24 million euros has not been put into operation because ambulances cannot carry it. In particular, the route to the emergency department was very narrow.
This system can count up to a thousand square meters of parking. In 1998, the Second Commission of Inquiry described the campus as a “primary factory, an excuse to start a competition.” The history of the “San Mikel” hospital in Pocherola, which never came into operation, has also attracted the attention of the national press. Cameras in April last year Report Have gone to Pokerola. The sent pictures showed the connections and wiring for the antioxidant, which is in a good security condition with the possibility of about forty possible intensive care locations, which could have been turned into the main source not only for Amalfi beach or province. In Salerno but for the entire region with the epidemic. Despite years of protests by coastal people, no response has been forthcoming.
Salvador Serio
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