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Notice, the New World beta actually burned the GeForce 3080s and 3090s

Notice, the New World beta actually burned the GeForce 3080s and 3090s

The new world game is set to begin after the summer. Meanwhile, Amazon has introduced a big beta that has already met with huge success. Nevertheless, there is ample evidence from gamers who have seen their GeForce 3080 and 3090 damaged.

After months and months of delay, the new world of MMO will arrive in a few weeks. The publisher of the game, the owner of Amazon, is taking advantage of the summer to start the open beta stages with much fanfare to connect and attract future players. This MMO takes place in the 1700s, providing a fantastic twist to the “study age”.

Created behind Amazon Games Orange County (formerly Double Helix Games, Silent Hill: Homecoming), it presents New World players stranded on the strange island of Eternum. You are one of the explorers stranded on the shore after a shipwreck. Structurally, this is a pretty regular MMO – here are a few monsters, kill them – but the new world fortunately has some tricks up its sleeve to set itself up for most of its MMO competition. In short, this is expected by a lot of players and gamers.

The cards are really burning

Evidence of graphics cards that have been erased from the Nvidia GeForce RTX range in the official forum, via Reddit, for the long wait (since all MMO launches) since the last beta was introduced 3090 And 3080 Accumulation. The beta started just yesterday.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX3080

Many of them could not even try the online role-playing game. In simple menus and queues, GPUs are overused and overheated, they are actually “fried”. Although the problem was initially limited to graphics cards from the manufacturer EVGA, owners of gigabyte models also reported this. So far, the publisher has not been contacted on this serious issue. Manufacturers’ protections do not work, which means that the cards should never reach high temperatures.

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In short, stay away from the beta of the new world while waiting for official and clear explanations. If you really want to run the game, limit the number of frames per second to 60.

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