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Not released until 2023?  Trembling at the Hogwarts tradition

Not released until 2023? Trembling at the Hogwarts tradition

From Thilo Bayer
It’s going to be very fast: if the Hogwarts Legacy 2022 looks like a secure release, fears are growing that it will not happen this year. We summarize the events.

A few days ago, Hogwarts Legacy, a long-term project offered by developer Avalanche, was positive: there were many indications that the title would be announced and released soon. But recently, voices of criticism have been rising, suggesting another postponement.

Hogwarts Legacy: Another Release Delayed?

“2022 seems to be the legacy year of Hogwarts,” he said a few days ago. Publisher Warner speaks for itself in the official FAQ From the 2022 release, Epic Games mentions the Hogwarts Legacy in this year’s Unreal Engine trailer. Recently rumors have been circulating that hope for this title will come in the next film Sony-Show State of Play Could be, it is said to happen at the end of February. But all in all, Sony now has a small hurdle: In the list of gamesSony does not want to guarantee that all the titles mentioned will actually appear in 2022, as the PlayStation Company is looking forward to in 2022, missing all of the Hogwarts Legacy.

It is not enough to see 2022 in serious danger, but it is getting worse. Comic Book Website Citing otherwise well-known PlayStation Insider and Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty, the report states that the game is in trouble and in danger of being pushed back to 2023. Moriarty did not cite sources for the rumors, but could not dismiss his conclusion that things were developing behind the scenes. The Hogwarts Legacy was already announced in September 2020 and has since more or less completely disappeared without any trade show.

Rumors about the postponement of Hogwarts Legacy can only come from a publisher, Warner. However, there is still peace here: on December 16, 2021, Merry Christmas and the opportunity to “release more news and updates about Hogwarts Legacy next year”.