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Not only Sony, but others also wanted to get the Return team

Not only Sony, but others also wanted to get the Return team

After the official announcementSony’s acquisition of Housemark, Reveals some interesting background in entering the line of software home PlayStation Studios.

During an interview given to the Finnish portal Yle, In particular, revealed how the team’s co-founder and CEO Sony It is not the only party interested in discussing the possibility Housemark Purchase. Unlike, இளரி குட்டினென் Confirmed that many players have been in contact with the team over time to assess potential acquisitions. As expected, the administrator did not share exact names with the press, however, citing common clues. China, United States e Sweden Like the countries of interest of video game companies.

In interpreting the decision to accept, all plans Sony, The CEO of Housemark cited the Japanese giant approach. “During the discussion, – ha raccontato Kuittinen – It was clear that Sony wanted to buy us because we could Doing things that others do not. Their starting point is not that we will start games using a formula defined by Sony“.

While waiting to find out what the next housemark project is, we remind you that the team has already committed itself More ambitious games than returns.

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