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SAYS tells fans to "have faith" after the release date has been postponed -

Not 120 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X –

A few weeks into the stores of Battlefield 2042 And since the start of early access, DICE has confirmed that it will not support its shooter when it launches at 120 Hz. PS5 e Xbox Series X | S. However, developers can implement a mode 120fps In the future, this will not be an easy feat.

Confirmation came from one of the DICE developers at ResetEra forums. The verified account elenarie explains that 120fps performance may be considered after the start of the mode, but it is still challenging to reduce the resolution to increase the number of frames per second. The above goal cannot be achieved.

“This is something we can explore after launching. Clarity is not an issue. We’re cleaning CPUs too much with 128 players, but CPU requirements to go from 60 to 120fps are not negligible. Reducing resolution is not a big help.”

Battlefield 2042, DICE’s ResetEra concept 120 HZ support

In ResetEra, the DICE account explains that enemies are easier to identify than beta during boot because they use darker and red shades for their shadows.

Battlefield 2042 PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | We remind you that it is available for S, Xbox One and PC. November 19, Initial access will begin a week earlier, i.e. November 12.

DICE recently released a new Kamble video that includes a trailer showing the Rebuild, Drift and Abandoned maps and the Nvidia RTX muscle and features of the PC version.

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