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No, the legal protection of doctors does not prove the risk of vaccination

No, the legal protection of doctors does not prove the risk of vaccination

The legal protection afforded to doctors is the new angle of attack of the most serious vaccines. The Govt vaccine is dangerous and Evidence that general practitioners have legal protection It loses any responsibility if problems occur. So the big vaccine plot now involves justice.

On December 24, no one paid attention to this announcement of the doctors order. A message can be found on the company’s website and “Vaccine against Govt-19:” At the end of the vaccination the doctors get warranties to protect them ”. We are three days before the start of the vaccination campaign, and Olivier Warren, in a letter to Dr. Patrick Boot, President of the National Council, explains that health professionals have the same legal commitment given in the context of compulsory vaccinations. That is, they will not be Not responsible for serious side effects.

That’s when National Medical Accident Compensation Office (ONIAM), a public body under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and responsible for ensuring compliant compensation. It has nothing to do with the dangerous nature of the vaccine Legal rule for white coatings.

Physicians’ responsibility varies depending on the vaccine duty

The responsibility of physicians is different Whether the vaccine is mandatory or not. When the vaccine is not mandatory, at that time it is subject to a specific rule given in Articles L1142-1 and follows the Public Health Code. May engage in four different responsibilities: Manufacturer, Distributor, Health Specialist and finally Government.

When a vaccine is mandatory, in case of severe side effect, So this is the National Medical Event Compensation Office, Responsibility for ensuring compliance compensation entered.

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When we were notified from the beginning of November Vaccination is not mandatory, It is strange to see doctors according to the legal rules in force in case of compulsory vaccination. But as mentioned L.C.I. “This device was activated in 2009 for the vaccine against H1NI”. In Oliver Varan’s letter, sent to the doctors’ order on December 23, The urgency of vaccination is emphasized. All of them Eliminating the situation for the Minister of Health, Destroy the prosecuting health professional.

You should be aware of some of the certifications available on the Internet. It has been a very active group since the onset of the epidemic. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-mask or anti-vaccine. They propose Download the certificates that your doctor must sign to engage in their responsibilities When he does his vaccination. There is no legal basis for these certificates, so it is necessary Avoid downloading them.

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