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No Man's Sky - It's time for the colonies in the latest update of the Teller report

No Man’s Sky – It’s time for the colonies in the latest update of the Teller report

Five years later, There is no human sky So this system is tirelessly expanding with an update Detailed here It focuses on improving basic construction and managing planetary colonies.

Colonies are formed by small communities spread across uninhabited planets throughout the galaxy. After receiving his credentials, the player can become the manager of his own colony. Immigrants will return to their supervisor with questions about construction, decoration, cash management, policies and conflict resolution. A touch of management The creator of the city Your There is no human skySo, there is nothing surprising at this point.

The hitherto headless colonies are generally small, sparsely populated, and only a few buildings are scattered around their central plaza. The existing surveyor should only find the resources needed to construct new buildings and turn these dilapidated apartments into a bustling city.

More than a hundred decorative elements and new set structures in wood, stone and various alloys will delight builders as they add space to their unique connection to the various colonies. Even better, this update improves the basic configuration structure using a simpler and clearer grid, in which parts are now set up, allowing quick access to rare areas. In placement mode, a new context menu makes it easy to manipulate and modify every element of the database.

At the technical level, we can finally read that all the visual effects of the game have been reviewed, updated and improved. This should be especially felt when using weapons and explosives, which will release more fluff and add a new visceral dimension to fights. Fights will be few when a colony becomes a little more prosperous, thus attracting the attention of robot sentries. In quiet moments, one never misses the appearance of multi-colored nebulae caused by a cluster of galaxies.

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