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Nintendo 'works hard' on development

Nintendo ‘works hard’ on development

AlthoughAndroid scary ad Is one of the key moments Nintendo Live ArrangedE3 2021, Again Metro Prime4 Not bigger than the digital event of Nintendo, Constantly shrouded in mystery.

A very brief note on the expected new chapter of the starring three-dimensional series Samus Aran However it was done Shinya Takahashi Before the introduction of the Metroid Fear, during the live. “We are currently working hard on the latest game of Android Prime 4 from the previously announced Android Prime series“These are Takahashi’s words about the state of the next chapter of development Retro Studios, The authors of the first three chapters of the series already seen GameCube e Wee.

In recent days, the Fourth anniversary of the announcement of the Android Prime 4: This was really the caseE3 2017 Big confirmed the development of my new episode to the world by showing a very short teaser trailer that only carried the logo of the production. We have that logo and very short video about the game that has completely disappeared from the radar ever since. We know that The development of the Android Prime 4 has just started Two years ago, passed under the supervision of Retro Studios and rejected all work done up to that point Bandai Namco, Was originally appointed as the developer of the game. The long wait continues in the hope that the Metro fears will be easier from next October 8th.