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Nintendo Wii U gets an update after 3 years, the console is not dead - Nert 4.Life

Nintendo Wii U gets an update after 3 years, the console is not dead – Nert 4.Life

We are in 2021 and Nintendo is focusing on its future and, more precisely, the Nintendo Switch. Kyoto has decided to stop production of the 3DS, and rumors have repeatedly pointed to the arrival of a new model of the “Switch Pro”. Although the vision is directed towards the future, the big one has not completely abandoned my past consoles. Let’s talk about Nintendo Wii U., Now received New update, After three years.

The previous Nintendo Wii U update is pre-2018. The patch notes of this update reveal it This is nothing interesting. Nintendo oversees the introduction of version 5.5.5U “system stability and usability improvement” in the Wii U update. In particular, the update talks about “introducing additional improvements to review system stability and other minor changes designed to improve the user experience”.

In other words, it is one Classic maintenance link Many have seen it throughout the history of a game console. The uniqueness of this case is that years have passed since the previous Nintendo Wii U update. Also, Conso is considered dead and buried by everyone, and even Kyoto has been bringing various Wii U games to the Nintendo Switch for years.

One of the most recent events is Super Mario 3D Worlds + Bowser’s Fury. Here’s our specialty about the power-ups and multiplayer players of the old / new Nintendo game.

Finally, according to Nintendo President Shundaro Furukawa, we remind you that the cloud is not a priority, but the future of the company.

Nintendo Wii U: The console is dead, but updates are coming