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Nintendo of America, un nuovo video del 1990 ci mostra i vecchi quartier generali

Nintendo, USA A new video from the 1990s shows the old headquarters

Nintendo One of the most secretive gaming companies out there: although it has been a treasure trove for gamers around the world for decades, it certainly seems to have hidden everything. Nintendo’s secret is very interesting and it’s interesting to see 30 year old video It appeared on YouTube a few days ago.

The visible video at the bottom of the message begins when a man explains that he is at the “World of Nintendo headquarters” in Redmond, Washington, and talks about the world map for the game “Final Frontier”. He actually refers to Final Fantasy (and corrects himself).

The footage also shows where the NES consoles and NES games were assembled and then distributed across the country. The video shows close-ups of team members assembling consoles. At one point in the video, an engineer is interviewed and asked what works for Nintendo, especially focusing on the now-rare NES “hands-free” controller.

The final part of the video seems to be tied to product testers, question and answer workers and many more because they play some of the best console titles ever. It is very rare to see behind the scenes about Nintendo in the US, today or three decades ago.